Titan Aviation Investments, Inc

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Ownership Titan Aviation Investments, Inc
is pleased to present our quality pre-owned fractional jet ownership program.


What is fractional jet ownership?

It is the ability to own and operate personal and/or corporate aircraft at a fraction of the cost of outright ownership.


Why would I want to own a fraction share?

This program is designed simply to provide the personal and business traveler the means and opportunity to take full advantage of "Time" with "Convenience".

David Zeyher

How can I/my company benefit from a fractional investment?

  • "Time savings" and "convenience" of corporate jet travel are the primary the advantages.

  • Corporations will have the standard tax incentives and deductions for business travel, as well as the standard depreciation table for their investment.

  • If the markets dictate, a possible increase in resale value with a marked return on you investment is always possible!

  • If you wish you may "sub-lease or lease-back" your investment for air taxi/charter operations for an hourly return to you. This popular scenario is often used to off-set cost of ownership but rarely does the owner gain income over and above the operating cost.