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Aircraft Management


Why would I want or need a management company?

  • Jet ownership is very involved and can be very demanding.  If you or your company do not have the time and expertise it would be a wise choice to have a professional management company protecting you and your investment!

  • Corporate aviation is a strictly regulated environment with many details That must be managed properly.

  • Adherence to the many FAA regulations and safety requirements are mandatory.

  • Time limited allotments and maintenance time tables must be tracked and maintained.  There are literally thousands of inspections that must be accomplished, monitored and overseen.

  • Screening and hiring the proper individuals for advanced Pilot-training and recurrent-training are critical to the smooth operation of any flight department!

  • In order to protect your investment it must be managed properly! The result of poor management or mismanagement could lead to the reduced value of the aircraft and most important, Safety.

Aircraft Management

We at Titan want to give our clients the best and most information available. All our clients are able to make informed, intelligent, confident decisions when it comes to their aviation investment.