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Titan's state-of-the-art research data base and world wide contacts enables us to locate aircraft any where in the world.  Our staff of highly educated and experienced professionals will ensure proper guidance to a profitable investments.

The first task in purchasing an aircraft is to identify the kinds of missions that the owner will require.  “How the client will utilize their aircraft”. 

  • How many people on a given trip will be traveling?
  • What will be the primary departure and destination points?
  • What will be the general distances flown?
  • Will a short field aircraft be required for more remote destinations?

  • Will speed and time be more valuable?
  • What important technical capabilities will be required on international flights, some to remote areas and possibly third world countries? More advanced navigation and communication systems will be needed for these types of destinations  etcetera!

The Decision:

There are many dealers and brokers that will sell you an aircraft but Titan has first hand experience and the education you will need to make an informed, intelligent, confidant decision when it comes to your aviation investment! Our good name is the key to our success and our good name simply put, is your satisfaction period!